Tesla Powerwall – This Changes Everything

Elon Musk, is the one of the most charming multi-billionaires on the planet, probably only slightly nudged by Richard Branson, however where Musk takes them all is in his ‘sui generis’, which is his uniqueness and his desire to change the world and obviously benefit from it. His latest offering is perhaps the biggest game changer since the invention of the power grid.

Peak Power

So let’s first look at the problem, “Peak Power”. No, this is not going to be about climate change, it is about weaning ourselves away from energy companies that continually raise pricing on power, cheat us during off peak times and then slam us again during peak power times. Since governments of all stripes decided to divest themselves from all energy companies and sell them off, mostly as monopolies and nearly always at a huge cost to taxpayers.

“Peak Power” is the kryptonite to solar energy, your latest generation solar panels on your rooftop are amazing at giving you enough power during the day, but what about at night? Yes, we all need our power companies for peak power, but when the sun goes down there is no alternative because solar power must be used as it is generated. Until now.

Hello Tesla Powerwall

You are probably going to want a Tesla Powerwall Home Battery whether or not you have solar anyway, why? Because it can store power during off peak times and give it back to you during peak times, it is both capable of connecting to your power-grid and also to your solar or wind. There are just so many positives surrounding this technology, it can be installed on any wall inside or outside your home or garage and it can be expanded indefinitely, it comes with a 10 year warranty, it costs around $3,500, which is typically the annual electricity costs of typical family home, it also connects and talks to you through your phone, it is only about 6 inches thick and a few feet wide, it looks gorgeous, it self regulates and learns your habits.

One of the more admirable things about Musk is he is not scared, he open sources nearly everything he does, because he understands that a brand and power of that brand will always make it harder for competitors, so there is no need for him to protect and profit from his ideas in the normal fashion.

Changing The World

Think about services that need to be connected with a new housing development, a remote community, a developing world, it requires expensive and costly installation and connection to a grid. We have already dispensed with the need for fixed line telephones, we now know how to develop with renewable stored water and now we can get rid of the electricity grid.

Tesla isn’t Alone

Tesla isn’t alone in doing this, but it carries a huge name with it and all other companies in the same space are going to benefit. What is needed now is governments supporting these types of enterprises.

First Generation

What we do know is this technology is only going to get better and cheaper over the years. I am sure there will be a few glitches with this in its first iteration, but this is the future and whether you understand and accept the science of Climate Change or you don’t, we all accept the realities of costs, and this is a no brainer for any family home or new development.

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