12 Days of Google+

I recently created a series to take you through all of Google+ so that you understand the basics of setting up Google+ to maximise its services for your business. If you are in business and are not on Google+ you are missing out on valuable SEO and business tools to help keep pace with your competitors.

12 Days of Google+ – Day 1 Overview

Day 1 takes you through an overview of Google+, how it works and how it can benefit your business.

12 Days of Google+ – Day 2 Settings

Day 2 details getting your settings correct for image sizes, privacy and basic settings information.

12 Days of Google+ – Day 3 Apps

Detailing all the essential Google+ Apps you need for IOS (http://www.google.com/mobile/ios/) and Android (http://bit.ly/1wUpEYB)

12 Days of Google+ – Day 4 Profile

Information on getting your profile perfect for SEO and for integration with Apps.

12 Days of Google+ – Day 5 People + Contacts

One of the most important aspects of building your popularity on Google+ is getting your contacts and people (circles) organized – I take you through the basics.

12 Days of Google+ – Day 6 Photos Overview

Google+ Photos for private storage and sharing. Here I will show you how to create albums and share images to single people, groups or public.

12 Days of Google+ – Day 7 Photos Advanced

Understanding the Advanced Features of Google+ Photos, the most advanced photos app on the planet.

12 Days of Google+ – Day 8 Communities

How to choose a Community and join a Google+ Community.

12 Days of Google+ – Day 9 Events

Google+ Events for organizing public and private events and having them displayed on your WordPress website. Get the Yakadanda Google+ Events WordPress plugin here. (http://bit.ly/147vVW2)

12 Days of Google+ – Day 10 Pages

Google+ Pages are for your business, critical for being found on Google Maps and Google Search for both mobile and desktops.

12 Days of Google+ – Day 11 Google Local

Using Google Local on your phone and desktop to find local places, events and travel goodies

12 Days of Google+ – Day 12 Summary

A Final Summary of all that we have covered over the 12 Days of Google+

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