You become what you think you know!

Over the past few years I have found watching traditional news more and more disheartening. I can remember right back as a kid to Brian Naylor reading the news, not sure what he was saying, but it seemed, in our household at least – important. Basically the promo for HSV-7 News went a little like this, “everything I need to know because Brian told me so“.

So this past few weeks I decided to try a few traditional news networks again. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and CBC News. What I found was that the news of the day could still be compressed into 30 minutes and that all that was real news, I had already digested online throughout the day! CNN just tries too hard, and anything interesting gets cut off because “that is all we have time for” they seem to keep asking the same questions to different people. NBC seem to be pitching at keeping an audience continually frustrated, and Fox News has made fear mongering an art form and almost always is at odds with the same stories from other networks and from my online sources.

Let me clear about people that bring us real news, in the field journalists! In many cases they risk their lives and reputations by reporting from some of the worst places on earth, war zones and areas plagued 19th century diseases.

These journalists must be equally frustrated by the airtime their real news gets on their networks. CNN at least try to have a variety of sources, but for me anyone who watches Fox News and various commentators deserves to be lied to, nearly everything they discuss is tied to an ideology and making their audience mad, maybe it works, but it is not news, it is nearly all opinion!

So where do I get my news? For the news I believe I need to know, I turn to Vice News, a collection of over 100 world-wide journalists from over 30 bureaus , with mostly young courageous reporting not from one side but from both sides of nearly all conflicts and areas they tread, their coverage of the Russia/Ukraine crisis is mesmerizing and deserves the highest honors. The video here of the Ebola Crisis in Africa is also brilliant.

I have been reading and watching them for a few years now and recently they got some big injections of funds from large networks like News Corp and Hearst Group. For me this is the future of news. They do get themselves some flak for covering some pretty despicable human beings without judgement, but this is real news as it happens from all angles.

The reason I really dislike traditional news networks today is because they study and know their core audiences and they bring the news to them packaged just how they like it. Fear, anger, despair are all things that keep bringing back audiences. I prefer real reporting, being treated like an adult, being challenged in my positions by evidence and reason and thinking for myself!

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