iPhone 6: It’s Time – To Ditch your Beloved iPhone

Let me start by saying that the new upcoming iPhone 6 announced today will probably be the best phone on the market, but here is the rub, only a 5 years ago iPhones were light years ahead of their competition, however the gap has closed so much in recent years that more and more people ditched their iPhones for offerings many of the excellent Android Phones on the market from Samsung, HTC< Motorola and LG. Why? Because since the iPhone 4 Apple have been only making incremental improvements and in some cases, such as ditching Google Maps, have taken a huge leap backwards.

I dumped my iPhone years ago for the Google Nexus 4 for different reasons. I am in business, not only that, I am in the web and software business, which means I need Google, and Apple simply made it harder and harder for me to do the things I needed to do on my iPhone with Google’s software and apps. I also wanted a phone with the basics, not all the nonsense mobile carriers throw on their devices, in short, I wanted the freedom to choose my apps, not have ‘crappy” mobile carrier apps forced upon me. So I chose a stock Android Phone and have never looked back.

This meant purchasing a phone outright, giving me the freedom to choose my carrier and shop around for the best deal. I now own the Google Nexus 5 and will buy the next version without a thought. I also save a bundle on my monthly costs.

So in light of todays iPhone 6 announcement I want you to think, long and hard about what it is you want from a phone. Today Apple will again say some pretty cool things:

  • Announce a Sapphire Glass display, which is just a competitor to Gorilla Glass and has received mixed reviews
  • A bigger screen size (which nearly all Android phones have)
  • A better camera (which if you shop around you will notice others have)
  • Better battery life (considering how bad the current one is it can only improve)
  • iOS 8 – Ok this will be awesome
  • Integrated Heart Rate Monitor and health apps (all major competitors have this)
  • Waterproofing? I doubt it, but this will be nice

So in light of another incremental update which will be touted as revolutionary, I ask you only one thing. Look at the price of the contract and phone together over two years, then look at the competition and perhaps buying a great phone outright!

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