Google goes all in with Google Helpouts

Google Hangouts has become an Internet sensation, on its own it has propelled the Google+ Social Network to number two behind Facebook. What has been amazing has not been the take up of Google+ although this was to be expected, but just how many business were embracing Google+ Hangouts.

Google Hangouts is at its core a web based Skype type system, but it takes it a few steps further allowing you to create Hangout events and either making it a private closed video chat or open video chat allowing up to 10 people to participate and/or the public to watch. You decide how it operates when you create a Hangout.

I have been encouraging clients to take up Google Hangouts as it is a great way to connect with your current customers, potential customers and suppliers . Some have even taken to doing consultations online and making some money from these services.

Now Google is testing an extension to Google Hangouts called “Helpouts” by invitation only where you can charge a fee for time or per Hangout. The transactions are all done via Google Wallet (Google Checkout) and Google takes a rather chunky %20 of the fee.

The opportunities for medical professionals, legal representatives, real estate agents, web developers in fact any experts in any field to make money are endless.

From Google

Helpouts isn’t available yet, but we’re currently inviting people with expertise across a number of topics to be able to offer Helpouts when we go live — and to make money sharing their skills and knowledge with the world.

Apply Online Today

To sign up go to the Google Helpouts page and click on the ‘Im Interested” button at the bottom of the page to fill in an application.

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