Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage hit the spotlight again with President Obama signaling his support of the right for people of the same sex to be married. This is the first time a President of the United States has signalled such views and a major milestone for Gay and Lesbian Rights. Some are viewing this as a rather shrewd political move and some are just applauding this statement. Either way support from the public is now more in favor than against same sex marriage and that sadly, more than anything else – shapes a politicians viewpoint!

As the population ages, more and more people view same sex marriage as a basic human right and this will only increase as time goes by. What interests me is why people oppose same sex mariage. In essence people of the same sex marrying has no effect on anyone other than the partners and families of the people getting married.

Equality Under the Law
Marriage and Civil Unions are recognized by state and federal laws in all Western Countries. So, if all people are to be treated equally under the law, then you can have no exceptions, it works pretty much the same as freedom of speech, if you include one exception then speech is not free.

Same Old Same Old
It is a pity that right wing religious groups will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century and beyond. The more fundamental the religion the longer acceptance will take from the relevant hierarchies, as most hierarchies stil view contraception as a mortal sin, yet well over 90% of their constituents of the relevant age use contraceptives.

The main religious groups against same sex marriage are again mainly from conservative religious groups who state that marriage is a religious right and not a human right. Historically there is scant data for this as all evidence of marriage type ceremonies pre-date all modern religions.

The other problem I have is that actual christian groups also site evidence from the Old testament (Jesus actually never mentions the subject in any of the texts of the new testament) and if anything can be pulled from the Old Testament as being true, then some pretty bad stuff has to be included, including, rape, genocide, slavery and believe me, the list goes on!

The Three tenets of a Stable Democracy
My position is simple, I believe that any government should treat all its citizens equally under the law, that we have the freedom of speech and a free press, and of course the establishment clause, creating a wall of separation between religions and governments at all levels. Much of the worlds ills would be solved if governments enacted these laws and the citizens held them dearly!

What will we see now?
It comes down to this, if you are against this, you will be very alone in the future. My advice is to let it go, you will find it will have no bearing on your life at all! President Obamas support of Equal Rights for same sex couples will sweep most Western Countries in the next few months and politicians on both sides of the isle will eventually endorse same sex marriage over the next few years, particularly if Obama is re-elected. We will see the same kinds of people stand against it, but over time they will be in the minority and that is a good thing for progress!

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