Christopher Hitchens on Lateline

One of my favorite Australian journalists interviews my favorite author Christopher Hitchens on ABC’s Lateline. If you have not read the book “Letters to a Young Contrarian” you are missing out on a gem, easily his best work and even easier to move you to think once reading it. I can remember reading this a few years back and it changed my outlook on life and myself.

There are few authors on this planet who can pen so eloquently as Christopher Hitchens and his latest book Hitch-22 is a testimony to his skills both as a writer and creative storyteller. I have followed Christopher for over a decade now – and you can too, by buying any of his books or reading Slate or subscribing to the excellent Vanity Fair.

I hope Christopher has many more books and articles left in him, however after seeing Anderson Cooper interview him recently, I fear we do not have too much time left to enjoy his sharp wit and passionate prose.

You see, Christopher Hitchens has esophageal cancer and for anyone in the know, it’s not the best one on offer for any middle aged man that drinks and smokes too much. I do hope his chemotherapy pays some dividends for Christopher and at least extends his life so that we all have further opportunities to read, see and hear this flawed genius over the next few years.

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